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Short Sleeve Blue Striped Romper And Pants With Hat Set丨Mikrdoo

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1. 95% Viscose from Bamboo, 5% Spandex
2. Machine wash cold with like colors
3. Tumble dry low / Cool iron if needed

Our apparel is crafted from our distinctive Viscose from Bamboo, and we recommend washing them on a cold/gentle cycle inside out. For optimal longevity, lay flat to dry, or use a low heat setting and cool iron if needed. Always follow the care tag instructions.

Viscose is renowned for its buttery softness, and while softer fabrics may experience more pilling, laying flat to dry helps maintain the fabric's freshness. Many moms prefer line drying for the best texture, lasting color, and to ensure the item endures throughout its lifespan.

Given the delicate nature of our luxurious fabrics, please avoid washing with items that have zippers, buttons, or hardware to prevent snagging. Wash separately from other baby items to ensure the utmost care.

Step 1: Before you tear off the tags and fall in love with Mikrdoo, try our outfit on your little. If for any reason, you are not sure about the fit or anything else, email us and we are happy to help!

Step 2: Your happiness is of utmost importance to us! If you are not head-over-heels with our products, email us at, within 30 days of your delivery date, and the return will be on us.

Refer to our Returns and Exchanges policies for more details.

Note: Due to the high volume and demand, Pre-Sale/Pre-Orders cannot be cancelled or returned. It can only be exchanged for sizing upon availability.

Contact us at before we ship your order. We are glad to help.

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Mikrdoo Bamboo

A Comprehensive Comparison of
Natural Bamboo & Midrdoo Bamboo & Regular Cotton


Natural Bamboo

Mikrdoo Bamboo

95% bamboo rayon and 5% spandex

Regular Cotton


The structure of cellulose is irregularly circular, naturally hollow, and possesses powerful adsorption capability.

The serrated cross-section, smooth surface, and shallow stripes enhance moisture absorption and release, with a rate five times higher than cotton.

Cotton fibers twist and have limited gaps, hindering moisture absorption and breathability.

Stretchy & Wrinkle-resistant

Bamboo fibers have superior wrinkle resistance to cotton, with higher recovery angles in both directions.

Spandex stretches up to 800% with over 90% instant elasticity. Blending bamboo fibers with spandex enhances Mikrdoo fabric's elasticity and wrinkle resistance.

Cotton fibers have a slightly lower wrinkle resistance recovery angle and lower elasticity recovery rate than bamboo fibers.


Natural bamboo fibers have a dense structure, providing better drape than cotton. The surface is smooth, with a good luster, but the hardness is relatively high.

It disrupts the dense fiber structure of bamboo staple fibers, resulting in a lower friction coefficient between the fabric and the skin, making the fabric softer.

Cotton fibers have high bending stiffness, leading to lower softness compared to bamboo fibers.


The structure enhances excellent dyeing ability.

The subtle striped structure also exhibits excellent dyeing performance.

With mature processing techniques, cotton fibers demonstrate outstanding dyeing capabilities.


Flavonoids like "bamboo kun" in the fibers prevent mold and naturally resist mites and odors. Chlorophyll copper sodium, a natural UV absorber, provides 41.7 times more UV protection than regular cotton fabrics.

Due to strict control over the processing technique, its antibacterial and UV-resistant properties are preserved to the maximum extent.

Dust mites, bacteria, and other microorganisms can proliferate extensively in cotton fibers.


Due to its fibrous porous structure, it easily swells and dissolves in acidic or alkaline environments.

Subjected to acid-base treatment during processing, it demonstrates enhanced acid and alkali resistance.

The stability and high-temperature resistance of its natural fiber composition and structure make it less prone to changes in acidic or alkaline environments.


Natural Bamboo fiber, without free electric charges, possesses natural anti-static properties.

Our fabric has low surface charge density, resulting in excellent anti-static performance.

Cotton has low surface charge density, providing excellent anti-static performance.

No Pilling

Natural Bamboo fibers, being short with many loose ends and insufficient cohesion, easily lead to fabric pilling.

Due to its special processing technique, our fibers is nearly resistant to pilling.

Compared to natural bamboo fibers, cotton is longer, exhibiting better resistance to pilling.

No Shrinkage

Natural bamboo fabric shrinks badly.

Our fabric has shrunk about 8%.

Cotton fibers usually shrink at about 5%.


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