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Brand Mikrdoo

"Mikrdoo" is not just a children's activewear brand; it's a commitment to health, comfort, and environmental consciousness. Our founder, Lily, wears multiple hats as a factory owner and a mother of two lovely kids.Engaging daily with various materials and production processes, Lily profoundly understands the significance of health and environmental well-being for children. Her journey began when she scrutinized the chemicals in children's clothing and their impact on our surroundings.Driven by her experiences and leveraging factory resources, Lily established the "Mikrdoo" brand. Our mission is to meet children's fashion aspirations while preserving their physical well-being and championing environmental sustainability.
Each "Mikrdoo" garment is crafted from natural organic bamboo fiber fabric – soft, breathable, and gentle on sensitive children's skin. Our designs radiate vitality and creativity, aiming to instill joy, exploration, and growth in children amidst nature. Simultaneously, "Mikrdoo" actively advocates for recycling and environmental protection, striving to minimize our ecological footprint in the production process.
Our brand emblem, a bamboo shoot, symbolizes nature and vitality. Mikrdoo aims to craft every child's healthy, sustainable, and stylish future. We firmly believe that children can become future leaders in environmental stewardship, collectively safeguarding our beautiful planet by fostering an active lifestyle and nurturing ecological awareness. Join us in cultivating a brighter tomorrow, where style meets sustainability in harmony.


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